Dairy Products

-Raw Milk

-Raw Yogurt (Plain & Vanilla)

-Raw Butter

-Raw Cultured Buttermilk

-Raw Kefir

-Kefir Grains


-Non GMO, Non Soy Whole Fryers

-Farm Fresh Eggs

-Chicken Stock

Grassfed Beef

-Ground Beef

-Ribeye Steak

-Tenderloin Filet

-Sirloin Steak (Bone-in)

-Stew Meat

-Chuck Roast

-Meaty Soup Bones

-Joint Bones (for making stock)

-Liver, Heart, Tongue, etc

-Beef Tallow

-Beef Stock

Homemade Granola & Mixes

-Maple Pecan Granola**

-Toasted Almond Granola**

General Store Products

-Himalayan Pink Salt Shakers

-Organic Vanilla Extract

-Raw Local Honey

-Organic Maple Syrup

*All products subject to availability

**Product is made with honey and contains no sugar.