Raw Milk? Of Course!

Raw milk is more than great taste! It is one of nature's perfect foods, containing healthy nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics (beneficial bacteria.) Raw milk assists in maintaining a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. Many people who think they are allergic to milk or 'lactose intolerant' may be able to enjoy the benefits of raw unpasteurized milk. Keeping a healthy balance of these good bacteria can aid in digestion, help with digestive disorders, and assist a healthy immune system in fighting 'bad bacteria.' 

Raw whole milk from pasture fed cows is known to contain increased amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an omega-6 fatty acids. CLA is thought to provide some anti-cancer benefits.

Pasteurization destroys probiotics and the good properties in raw milk, reducing the vitamins, and also damages the fragile milk proteins and enzymes.

Here at Rosey Ridge Farm the cows are Jersey, Jersey-cross, and Brown Swiss. These breeds are much better at producing rich, high cream content milk. They are pasturized instead of the milk. :) They are pastured on green grass grown without chemicals or pesticides. It's a great way to live- knowing the cows have a healthy diet and this translates directly into good milk.